Say you’ve developed this new concept or product. You’re convinced it’s going to succeed. Rather sooner than later, right?
A cool animation would be the perfect way to present yourself as an upcoming entrepreneur, the new kid on the block.
Or maybe you’re not the new kid anymore but still could use some promotion.
An animation is quite an investment but now you’ve the opportunity to win a FREE animation!

Terms and Conditions

Things you need to do:
- First of all, tell your story. Where's your business about? A website would help!
- Describe why an animation would help you and how are you're going to use that tool.
- Send all this to:
- Don't forget to share the Contest Video page.

Things you need to know:
- The duration of the animated video will be about 30 seconds.
- It will approximately take a month from kickoff to produce your desired product.
- You could join the contest till June the 1st 2014
- Winners will be notified on June the 15th 2014