The Tuck Effect

Fruit of the Loom

Stay tucked. It only takes five seconds per day. 

Fruit of the Loom recently funded a study asking 1000 men about the quality of their lives in relation to five of life’s fundamental pillars. These five pillars are happiness, optimism, relationships, social status and income. 

These 1000 men where asked if they tuck every day and how it influenced the quality of their lives. In each of these topics, men who tuck came out on top of those who don’t. It’s five seconds per day. It will change your life and t’s called the Tuck Effect.

Today there's a shirt that always stays tucked thanks to Fruit of the Loom. 

As a part of the Tuck Effect campaign, initiated by Fruit of the Loom and elaborated by creative agency Crispin & Porter and Bogusky three animations where developed by Crop. These are Key, Infographic and History. The last two animations are presented in this case and tell you more about the effect tucking. 



the Tuck Effect 


Fruit of the Loom 




CP+B & Crop 


Crop & Calango   




Crop & Chris Anderson  



Voice Over 


Tuck your shirt, change your life​!

Tucking only takes a couple of seconds a day. Here are some things you need to know about tucking... Turns out, tucking your shirt can unlock the secret to happiness. 61% of tuckers report being happy on the job, versus 49% of non-tuckers.

And there is more..Tuckers are 8% more likely to report they date often, proving that ladies love a good tuck as much as you do. Tuckers' responses reveal they are 10% more likely to report being socially outgoing. More friends, dates and success, all good things that come to those who tuck.

​Change your life. Experience the power of tucking and check out this award-winning website of the Tuck Effect 

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